You Are Still Welcome To The Social.

You Are Still Welcome To The Social.

Welcome to the New ZHDapps Website!

If you still own a Zune Device, you're welcome here. After the website ZHDApps.com stopped it's services due to unknown reasons, "Bryan" decided to bring something similar and better. In here we have some of the 3rd Party Apps back and there's some new things, you can add your 3rd party apps in the forums too! 

You can register in our website, to get access to the forums and be able to check them out, we hope you enjoy your stay!

Miss those Apps from the Zune Software?

Since Microsoft discontinued the Zune hardware and software, they've shut down the Zune Marketplace and some other features off the Zune Software.

There is an way to get the Apps tab back, so you can be able to access your downloaded Apps.

If you don't have any Apps at all, we got you covered with some of the official apps and some of the 3rd party apps.

Click here to see how to get the Apps back.